Hand puppets assorted

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28 animal hand puppets, different general hand puppets can only be hands-on, the biggest feature is that five fingers can control the head and limbs separately, can do a lot of cute movements, showing the animal's head, hands and feet can move, Use your fingers to change your hand puppets into a variety of postures. They are great tools for early education.

Help children exert their creativity. Improve their expression ability. Improve parent-child interaction: the hand of the same animal and the fingertips are suitable for dialogue between parents and children, and dialogue with children to promote parent-child interaction. Teachers can help children with many concepts from early child development.

Specification: 22cm
Material: plush
Plush classification: short plush
Filling material: PP cotton
Whether electric: no
Size: 22cm high
3C configuration category: plush toys under 14 years old
Height: approx. 22cm
Applicable age: children (4-6 years old)
Category: infant teaching aids