Our Services

Educational/tutoring Sessions

We provide one on one or group online educational and tutoring sessions for all ages. All sessions are noninvasive and based on the students needs and interests. All our lessons take place on Zoom and are tailored to each learner. We start with an initial free 30 minute meeting to evaluate how best we can help you.

​Every family is different and therefore every support or educational program is tailored and unique to meet your individual needs. All our tutors and educators are experienced and trained.

To book a meeting:

Tel: +27812760149
Email: info@dalilandtoys.com


We host workshops and webinars for anyone interested in learning about different areas in the context of special needs children. We cover many different topics and areas of development. We also try to help others gain perspective on what a child may be experiencing.

Examples of some topics we cover are: autism: definition, awareness and acceptance, communication, understanding behavior, social interaction, home programs, helping in an inclusive school environment and many more.

All workshops are recorded so that if you missed one you can always purchase it at a later stage. We are also open to suggestions. If there are topics you would like to learn about please send us a message.

Support groups

We are currently hosting groups to cater to different needs. We have a parent and family support group for individuals who just need a safe space to be heard. We have a support group specifically for individuals seeking advice as well as one for adults on the autism spectrum.

If you are interested in joining please call or email us. We will then add you to the group. All support groups free of charge. Keep a look out for the schedule that we will send to you on a regular basis.