Autism Resources

Information and Awareness

What is Autism?

Autism definition clinical   Autism definition Daliland

Myths And Misconceptions Regarding Autism

Myths and misconceptions about autism

Sensory Integration

Autism and sensory intergration


Communication and autism
Communication and autism2


What is stimming Daliland

Visual Aids

Visual Schedule:

Daliland visual schedule

Star Chart

Daliland Star Chart

Now and Next Chart

Daliland now and next chart

My Choice Board

My choice board visual aid

My Responsibilities

my responsibilities visual aid

Colour Chart

Daliland color chart

Shape Chart

Daliland shape chart

Numbers Chart

Positive Pictures

Autism awareness Jeffery the lizard
Autism awareness the Velocir-Rapper
Raining autism awareness and acceptance
Hands up for autism awareness
Super stars of autism
Autism parents rock
Anti-bullying meme

Helpful contacts 

Support/information/education and consultations:
1. Nthutuko Bophela:
2. Cami Daligand:
3. Kidstart Junior Academy:
If anyone would like to add contacts or organizations they have found helpful, please let us know and we will add them.
Disclaimer: all the information on this page is aimed at creating awareness and offering support to whoever may want it. It is no way intended to harm anyone. If you want to know more or require additional information please send us an email: