About Us

Daliland World

We are an online based special needs company that strives to provide support to individuals who want and need it. Our vision is to help others and create a network of people with the same aspirations and values. We hope to make a difference in people's lives by providing various types of specialized support. 


The Au'some Fund

We started the "Au'some fund" in conjunction with a  special
needs school in Cape Town (KidStart Junior Academy).
This fund aims to raise money to help underprivileged
parents whose children are on the Autism Spectrum.
Five percent of all sales from our online store goes to this fund. Currently the fund is working on a food parcel initiative to help families during the lock-down period. We are hoping to make this a long term project.

Daliland World Toys

Daliland World has now branched out into educational and
fun toys as well with the same aspiration in mind
to help others in need. All sales from our online store goes to the above mentioned fund. The toys range from early learning to fun gadgets. We are also launching a children's clothing line soon!:)

The Daliland Collection

The Daliland collection is a series of quirky and fun
children's books that are aimed at sending good moral messages
to kids with the main focus on anti-bullying,
kindness to all and honesty.
The Publishing house is Filament Publishing which is based in the UK. 


Email: info@dalilandtoys.com
Tel:                  +27844085319