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A Teen on the Autism Spectrum trying to raise money for Autism Awareness

Another inspirational story about Matteo Musso an adolescent on the Autism Spectrum. He is teaming up with Grammy winning artist: Marc Cohn and are holding a fundraising concert to raise money for Creative Autism Solutions. The concert will be held at Chankasha Creek.

Matteo and his Mom have been working hard to try and change society's perception of Autism. Matteo who is very accomplished has written more than one book and has even spoken at a couple events. He also has a YouTube show. What an incredible guy!!!

This really is another great example of the wonderful things people are doing to raise awareness. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and if you want to share other inspirational stories.

To read full article and view accompanying video please follow the link below:

True and false regarding meltdowns:

There are often misconceptions regarding meltdowns which may lead to parents/carers or other individual's in an Autistic child's life feeling negatively about themselves due to the meltdown (remeber its not your fault).

That is why the points below are very important to know and it is vital to try and find out why the meltdown occurred. What caused the sensory overload? By getting to the bottom of this one can try help the child in the future by establishing effective coping techniques or finding ways to help with possible anxieties.

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If anyone would like to add contacts or organizations they have found helpful, please let us know and we will add them. 


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