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The Inkanyezi Tuition Centre

A South African Mom has started a school inspired by her Special Needs son. Sponga Zungu has established a school in partnership with Equation Educators. Inkanyezi Tuition Centre is in Midrand and opens in January 2020.

This is really great to see how this Mom is doing something so amazing for her son and for other parents in the same situation. In an interview with 702 (radio talk show) she explains how hard it was for her to find a school for her son as well as the actual diagnosis of Autism and ADHD. 

*It warms our heart at Daliland to see this! After working with Special Needs children and their parents in Cape Town for three years I saw how difficult it was for parents to find the right school for their children. Therefore to see something like this is truly incredible and Sponga Zungu is truly an inspiration.

To find the full interview go to:

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