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The Milwaukee public Museum has added a sensory room to their facility to increase their available resources for individuals on the Autism Spectrum as well other Special Needs.
We love seeing initiatives like this as the world moves towards being more knowledgeable and understanding in terms of the different needs humans may have which have been over looked in the past.
The sensory room has various seating and lighting which can be adjusted. There are also tactile features on the wall for touching. We know how much sensory rooms can help provide specific stimulation that may be needed or just as a safe space for calming.
What ever the reason may be it's really great to see how various businesses and organizations are including sensory rooms or trying harder to accommodate for individuals with Special Needs. It really warms our hearts and we love  reading about these examples.
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Here is Daliland's top 5 things that are a must for any sensory room:
1. Soft calming area: this may be a place where you can sit or lie down and feel relaxed and safe. It may be made up of bean bags, cushions or blankets (or a combination). Some like weighted blankets or heavy gym mats for deep pressure input.
2. Soft music: meditation music, classical music or  running water sounds always help when it comes to calming.
3. Movement: a space that allows movement such as spinning or jumping. Or an actual piece of equipment that enables motion such as a trampoline, swing, exercise ball and so on.
4. Something visually calming such a lava lamp, sensory bottle or something that lights up (depending on specific interests).
5.Texure boards: these are easy to make with different household items again depending on specific preferences regarding tactility. 
Heres an example of a DIY texure board:
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3. Kidstart Junior Academy:

If anyone would like to add contacts or organizations they have found helpful, please let us know and we will add them. 



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