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Elign High's first sensory friendly concert aimed at raising Autism Awareness 

Elign High is a school located in Illinois, United States of America. They held an hour long "sensory friendly" concert to raise Autism Awareness. Children were allowed to scream, make noise, move around, walk up and down the isles and dance. Basically it was not frowned upon for them to be themselves.

Fidget toys and headphones were provided to those who needed them. The attendees were neurotypical as well as neuro-divergent children and their parents. One of the parents whom attended: whose son is 6 years old and he is on the Autism Spectrum claimed that normally these types of events cause her anxiety as people stare.

The school's band director stated "it is extremely important to create an inviting and safe environment for those who fall on the Spectrum. We want everyone to be included". I personally think this is great and hope to see more events like this in the future. What a really great initiative!!!!

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