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Sensory Bottles

Sensory bottles are a very useful tool. They help with calming and are very popular amoung children on the Autism Spectrum. They could also be used as a positive reward or inbetween activities for a "sensory break". What ever your use may be for them you can make one at home easily and heres how:

What you will need:

•500ml or 1 litre empty bottle (I personally found the 1 litre bottles to be more popular amounst the kiddies)


•Glitter (this is a must, it looks very cool in the water)

•Any bits and bobs lying around the house: for example I used small toys, colourful string, cut up bits of ice cream sticks. You really can use anything and you can be creative.

•Food colouring (optional: if you do use it only add a tiny drop so that the water is not too dark and you can not see anything in the water, lighter colours are  reccomend)

How to make it:

1. Place everything in the bottle

2. Add water

3. Shake, shake, shake and enjoy!

Heres an example of what a DIY sensory bottle looks like:

Picture found at:

So quick and easy to make and really are a hit with the kids. If there are any other easy DIY tools you have made at home, tell us about it in the comment section we we can spread the word.

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Helpful contacts 

Support/information/education and consultations:

1. Nthutuko Bophela:

2. Cami Daligand:

3. Kidstart Junior Academy:

If anyone would like to add contacts or organizations they have found helpful, please let us know and we will add them. 


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