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Three new Special Needs schools to open in Singapore

Over the next few years Singapore are developing three new Special Needs schools. The first one to start accepting pupils in 2021. The second minister of Education: Indranee Rajah has acknowledged the growing need for places in schools such as these.

These schools will help to ensure that children with Special Needs will also have access to high quality education. Ms. Rajah said and I quote "even as we celebrate our progress we must never stop trying to improve our system so that our children can learn in educational settings that cater to their needs and grow up in a society where everyone can thrive".

I really love what she has said here. This is how it should be in all countries: the government acknowledging the importance of catering to children with Special Needs. In some cases children are expected to fit into an educational environment that may not be right for them. By giving them access to quality education in an educational setting fit for their specific needs you are giving the chance to really thrive and grow.

I hope one day we can live in a world where in all spheres of life Special Needs are acknowledged and accommodated for. From seeing first hand how hard it is for parents to find the right school for their child when you read something like this it really does provide some hope that we are moving in the right direction. Towards further awareness and equality for children and adults with Special Needs.

The first school will have 25 places per cohort which means that in total there will be 300 places for pupils between the ages of 7 and 18 years. If you would to watch the video at Channel News Asia follow the link below:

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