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FREE Worksheet - Nature Calls - Fine Motor Skills, Coordination & Writing

FREE Worksheet - Nature Calls - Fine Motor Skills, Coordination & Writing
With many kids now learning from home, it makes it harder to find useful content that keeps them entertained. Therefore, we've started creating our very own worksheets, specifically designed to help various aspects of the early learning phase in your child's life.
Here we are going to share a three-part worksheet with you that will hopefully help keep the little ones busy for a bit and get them moving around. You will see how we have combined "work" with play and movement to make it more entertaining for the kiddos and to draw out the activity. This can be done at home, in the classroom or during extra lessons.

Part 1 - Writing Skills

How to complete this worksheet

  • Ask the kiddos to write out the words
  • If your little ones are not there yet, then write the word and help them trace over it.
  • Alternatively ask them to draw the cute critters (and tree).
  • Another option is to ask them to just write or trace the first letter of the words. For example "B" for bird and ask them to say that out loud.
This little warm up is good for those kiddos who have started writing or are learning to write words. It is also a good fine motor exercise to start working on that grip!

Part 2 - Moving Around

How to complete this worksheet

  • Ask them to roll the dice, the amount rolled is how many repetitions they can do of each exercise.
  • To go the extra mile and if your kiddo is into dress up you can encourage them to dress for the occasion 😉
  • You can even join in and take turns to get those steps in. Make it a family affair, why not!
This part is super fun and gets the blood flowing. Running and jumping stimulates brain cell growth and helps with the release of endorphins. This is also just great fun and helps those Duracell bunnies release some of their endless energy! You can keep this one in the inventory for them to do whenever you need to during the day! Make out like it is a game and use dice. These types of activities are good for gross motor development and coordination.

Part 3 - Scavenger Hunt

How to complete this worksheet

Now that those kinetic kiddos have exerted some energy ask them to go on a scavenger hunt, this is always a winner.
  • Either hide the above listed items (if you have them as toys or pictures) in the house and give your child/children clues to find them or let them go lone ranger and find them themselves.
  • Tell them to look all over and if outdoors is an option this is a great way to get the kids to go outside.
So there you have  a 3-part activity that will hopefully keep them busy and engaged. I hope they like it, enjoy learning and most of all have tons of delicious fun! If you would like more activities like this or your own tailored ones please do not hesitate to contact us.