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FREE Worksheets #9 - Lockdown Scavenger Hunt

FREE Worksheets #9 - Lockdown Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt is a great activity for lockdown as it will take up some time and there are opportunities to expand on each activity. So you can choose to do them all in one day or spread it out over several days.

Also to make it fun and feel like there is an end goal for your child to work towards, offer them a special treat at the end when they tick off everything in the hunt. Their favorite snack or example or anything that they really enjoy. If siblings are at home together they could do this as a team and in some cases they may need your involvement as well.

There are a lot of opportunities for family lockdown fun in this activity. You can also like the activities for example build the fort and then read a book in the fort. What ever you choose to do we hope this brings out some wholesome fun.

The benefits of a scavenger hunt

  • Problem-solving,
  • Reading
  • Building teamwork
  • Getting some good exercise for both the mind and body through a scavenger hunt.
The activities in the hunt also cover different areas of development such as reading, fine motor skills, gross motor, shape recognition/identification and more. Overall scavenger hunt have many educational benefits as well as being fun and a bit different from the traditional type of worksheet. We hope you enjoy and have fun!

Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

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Scavenger hunt worksheet

How to complete this worksheet

  • Complete each activity on the worksheet
  • Tick off each activity once you complete it and see how many you can finish!