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FREE Worksheets #7 - Identify the picture

FREE Worksheets #7 - Identify the picture
This awesome activity is a great way to help your children work on their English language skills, spelling, and grammar knowledge, by matching the words to real life objects.
Firstly, it's great for improving children's recognition of common words and building their vocabulary. It's also great for familiarising children with spelling, so it's a great activity to use with younger children in preparation for writing activities as they progress through their first few years of schooling.
What's more, the match-up activity will help children to practice pencil control and strengthen their fine motor skills, which are super important for young learners.

These worksheets focus on the following skills:

  • Fine motor
  • Early word and item identification¬†
  • Reading skills
  • Visual recognition skills.

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Identify the image - worksheet

How to complete this worksheet

  • Color in the box that is the correct name of the picture
  • To extend the activity, have your kid look for the objects listed on the worksheet in your home or outside
  • If they are unable to find the objects, you can get them to draw them on a separate piece of paper