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FREE Worksheets #6 - How Do I Feel?

FREE Worksheets #6 - How Do I Feel?

Learning to recognise, verbalise, and manage feelings is an important part of a child's social development. As young as pre-school age, children have the ability to identiy their emotions and the emotions of others, speak about their emotions, and regulate their emotions.

Children who show greater competency in these areas tend to have better peer relationships, and they are viewed more favorably by teachers.

This free worksheet helps break down simple feelings and helps your child develop their creative side too! The worksheet focuses on copy art, which helps kids to work on their concentration and improves their visual skills.

These worksheets focus on the following skills:

  • Fine motor(drawing)
  • Learning emotions: identification and regulation 
  • Learning left from right
  • Creativity
  • Visual spatial orientation

How Do I Feel?

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 feelings worksheet

How to complete this worksheet

  • Redraw the faces on the right side of the page using the emotions on the left
  • Afterwards, have your child draw how they are feeling on another page