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FREE Worksheets #2 - Sharing is Caring - Reading, sharing & comprehension skills

FREE Worksheets #2 - Sharing is Caring - Reading, sharing & comprehension skills

Our next set of worksheets focus on the value of sharing. When doing research on sharing worksheets, I struggled to find anything of substance. Therefore, I decided to create my own. These two worksheets will help teach your child the value of sharing, using various techniques such as reading, comprehension and more. Click the links to download the worksheets!

Part 1 -Ā Learning About Sharing

sharing is caring - part 1

How to complete this worksheet

  • This is a very simple story explaining the value of learning
  • Have your child read story, else read it with them
  • Explain why Paul is a good friend

This activity helps show why sharing is important. It doesn't have to be just related to food, but other options such as toys. This activity will also help with your child's reading skills.

PartĀ 2 -Ā Comprehension Time!

How to complete this worksheet

  • Act out the above (sharing some food) with your child
  • Afterwards, have your child fill in the blanks of this worksheet by reading out the short story
  • If they struggle with this, read it with them so they understand what words need to be filled into the blank spaces

Fill in the blank activities are great, as they provideĀ an excellent means for measuring specific knowledge. It also reduces guessing as the answer is objective. This in turn is good for beginning interpretation of data and comprehension. It will test their recall ability and help practice their reading skills.

I hope you and your child enjoy these activities, and don't forget to check out our other worksheets. More get added each week, so you can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter below to never miss any activities!